The Recruiting Process
Most of the candidates that we place with our clients are candidates that we have identified, contacted and recruited for a specific position. However, we are constantly working with candidates from other sources such as referrals from industry contacts and unsolicited contacts from professionals who want to evaluate their career options. In all these cases, our clients interests come first, but we also take great care to protect the confidentiality of candidates to the greatest possible degree. We never disclose a candidate's identity to any client until the candidate has been consulted and chooses to proceed.

Candidates who register with us for the purpose of evaluating their career options are promptly evaluated for a possible match with all active searches of Fred Perry Associates. It is this process that guarantees a candidate that he or she will maximize their exposure to potential career enhancing opportunities and that they will be able to pursue such opportunities with the guidance and counsel of a professional recruiter who is experienced in working with professionals in their industry. All this is handled internally so as to respect and protect the confidentiality of the candidate.

If your background and interests lie in the areas wherein we specialize and you want to examine the opportunities that you may have awaiting you, then please check often the positions that you will find listed by us. If you merely want to discuss your situation to get a feel for the market, you are welcome to give us a call. We will be pleased to make your acquaintance and more than happy to assist you.

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