Company Profile
Fred Perry Associates count among our clients several prominent national firms, and many outstanding regional consulting and engineering firms. We are constantly seeking qualified professionals in the following areas:

Public Sector or Municipal:

  • water & wastewater
  • sanitary landfills
  • sewer systems
  • water resources
  • water distribution systems
  • GIS specialists

Private Sector or Industrial:

  • air quality specialists
  • remediation engineers
  • hydrogeologists
  • hazwaste landfill engineers
  • leachate/wastewater treatment
  • solid waste disposal engineers
  • solid waste treatment
  • environmental assessors
  • ecologists
  • compliance specialists
  • permitting engineers
  • risk assessment specialists

Many other types of professionals who assist the industrial sector in the handling, minimization and elimination of hazardous wastes impacting on the atmosphere, surface water, groundwater and soil are also included in our recruiting specialties.

Fred Perry has been personally recruiting and placing engineers and other professionals for the consulting engineering industry for more than 15 years. His clients include many of the leading consulting engineering firms in America. Firms that consistently win awards for their engineering excellence and are at the cutting edge of technology. Maintaining a position of leadership and excellence in any industry requires a constant search for top quality personnel. These leading engineering firms have learned that candidates recruited by Fred Perry are well-qualified for the positions and come with excellent credentials and references. These recruits have contributed greatly to the success of their respective new employers and many have, in turn, been rewarded with tremendous career success.

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